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The Audi Review 005 - How I chose my eleven-person dream team for the site, and the future of e-tron


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Another day off and my wife had to meet some people in Birmingham for work stuff so I had a day with the boys at home. I don’t know that I will have them on camera again but they are obviously a huge part of any parent’s life and I guess I just want to give a last bit of context on who I am.

By now you know I returned to a sales role for my favourite car manufacturer, in a part of England called Wiltshire. Perhaps I didn’t mention though that the last 4 (5 maybe?) years we lived in Switzerland and the boys were both born there, and it was a super nice with great neighbors and a basketball team and the lames and mountains etc. Anyway my wife carried on her career and I paused mine to raise the boys at home for those years.

But, it was just always a bit hard to really talk in depth with people because of the language barrier. I can speak a little little Italian, but not very well, and I struggle to read and write it so official forms were always a pain. Have a lawyer on my basketball team translate documents and help us with birth certificates and vaccinations and well everything really. So we moved back to the UK. And this is what it’s like when I’m not at work or running the site basically.

Anyway I’m thinking of wrapping this little series up soon because I think at first I justified it by saying that I needed practice and it would make a nice “intro” to launching audireview.co.uk next year probably late January. Maaaaybe Jan 1st depends on some cool people in Portugal and when they finish a build..



TLDW: I go into how I am putting together my team and locking in slots on the roster for 2019. Really have Europe well sorted with a presenter also in Australia to cover that (smaller) market, and I think the final three spots will be filled by three more North American creatives - or one photographer one videographer and a business guy (account and data science type of role). Not sure what’s best for the brand really, probably the latter setup. Oh and a bit on the newly annouced e-tron in the last minute or so. What an amazing first effort! And I think the UK pricing is bang on, even without discounts for the launch cars.

Until the new site is up (2019) if you want to join the invite list please drop me an email at editor@thewholecar.com


Everything I share here and on audireview.co.uk is absolutely 100% my personal opinions and perspectives on everything about the brand, the models, and the dealerships. The Audi Review is the brand of my independent content that I create in my own time and bears zero reflection on the official stance of my employers (Inchcape and Audi UK).

I am not a traditional car media platform aiming for neutrality and objectivity - I am quite intentionally the opposite. I am obsessed with the Audi range, the brand, the e-tron future, they are simply the best car brand we've got. I shoot/write/present cars online, and my day job is selling the new product in a flagship showroom. So I am the hugely biased Audi nerd/expert that just constantly tries to convince you to try the cars, I reckon we are in the top three choices in every sector.

IMO the true traits that all the very best brands (Apple, Intel, Audi, Nike, IKEA, Porsche etc) have is just this relentless pursuit of improving the product, investing R&D, looking ahead further than other companies in their sectors, and just making the customer experience of the products really painless to buy and impressive to use. I just happen to be obsessed with Audi's but I get it if you can relate to another brand like this, sometimes it feels like they are just making the sort of products you would hate to be without now you've owned one. That's why I run audireview.co.uk and this channel.

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